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Endodontic Treatment

When the nerve of a tooth dies, Endodontics (also known as Root Canal Therapy) can be a treatment option.

It enables you to keep your tooth instead of having it extracted. Often a toothache is a sign that the nerve of the tooth is infected, and can be diagnosed with an x-ray and some testing in the chair. 

Symptons may include sensitivity to heat, cold, pressue, pain, tooth discolouration and swelling in the gums around the tooth. 

In most cases, root canal therapy is successful. To improve the chances of having successful root canal treatment, you should see a dentist if you have any of the above symptons.

Root canal therapy takes more than one visit in which the infection is removed and the canal of the tooth is filled. Once the treatmnent is completed, the dentist may recommend that the tooth be crowned. A crown can be used to protect the treated tooth, restore normal function and restore the appearance. 


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